Researching a new book

Manuscript update: 812 words so far today, including scraping what I did yesterday because it… well… sucked, and redoing it. 🙂

So, I’m starting my new book, and I’ve got the basic idea, the character, the rough layout and the ending. With all that in mind, I jumped in. Eight hundred words in, I started my research.

I know some writers do a lot of research before they begin writing. I’ve heard many people recommend that. But for me, I tend to research as I go, when I feel I need it.

When do you research, all up front or as you write?

Write On!


2 thoughts on “Researching a new book

  1. Yeah, that’s me too, Beverley. I want to jump in and start, and then I figure out what I need as I go. Whenever I hit a part when I’m not sure of my direction, I go back to research and it clears up everything for me.

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