Children's Book Week and ask Valerie Hobbs contest

Manuscript update: Current word count is 10,791. Wrote 1,247 words since Thursday. It’s going … slowly, but going. Coming up to an exciting part in the story, so that’s fun.

Childrens Book Week posterToday is the start of Children’s Book Week. Yay! It’s so awesome that there’s a special week celebrating children’s books. Books are amazing for so many reasons. They tell stories of our history, our present, our possibilities. They take us to new places, real and imagined.

But for children, books are so important, because they help them understand themselves and their world and help them to grow.

Formed in 1919, Children’s Book Week is celebrated by schools, libraries, bookstores and clubs around the nation — not to mention blogs. It’s run by the Children’s Book Council. And there are a number of events going on to celebrate children’s books this week.

Valerie Hobbs headshot and The Best Last Days of Summer book  coverI’m celebrating Children’s Book Week with a contest for a copy of the new middle-grade children’s book The Best Last Days of Summer by Valerie Hobbs. I interviewed the editor of the book, Frances Foster, on Friday. And in two weeks, you can interview Valerie by submitting your questions here.

Valerie is the award-winning author of a number of novels, including children’s books Sonny’s War, Defiance and Sheep, as well as the young adult book Letting Go of Bobby James, or How I Found My Self of Steam.

To enter to win a copy of The Best Last Days of Summer, leave a comment on this post with a question for Valerie before midnight, Friday, May 14. Valerie will answer all your questions here on DayByDayWriter on Friday, May 21, and whoever submits her favorite question, will win the book. So make them good!

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13 thoughts on “Children's Book Week and ask Valerie Hobbs contest

  1. Okay, so here’s my questions:

    How do you develop your characters? How do you create a character that seems real? How do you connect with them and know how they would think and act and effectively convey that on the page?

    Also, just for fun–how do you decide what your character will look like, what their name will be, what they’re house looks like, etc.?

  2. My question for Valerie: What do you do to overcome a missing muse and get your writing going again when you become stuck?

  3. Do you find that the best and very private qualities of yourself go into your characters? I’m thinking of those qualities of fine feeling level which don’t necessarily find their way easily into public interactions. Thanks.

  4. Hi, Val –

    What do you see as the piece of the puzzle that keeps The Last Best Days of Summer from getting “lovely but too quiet” comments? If this had been your first book, would it have made a difference?

  5. Hi Val,

    Can you share a magical moment of the writing of ‘The Best Last Days of Summer’… perhaps when a character did something completely unexpected/unplanned, and it was just wonderful for the story?

  6. The title of your book, The Last Best Days of Summer, is so intriguing. What inspired the title? Was this always the title of the book?

  7. My question to Valerie is this: There may be many authors who have a completed manuscript but lack the financial resources, the personality required for self-marketing and/or the knowledge about publishers/publishing/agencies that will help them get their work considered. Do you think it is possible to have a platform where first time writers post/send their work (without copyright concerns)to be looked at by publishers and agents?

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