Book Recommendation: Dreaming Anastasia

Dreaming AnastasiaI interviewed author Joy Preble back when her first novel, Dreaming Anastasia, was released, but I didn’t read the book until recently — and I’m glad I did. Today, it’s my entry for Random Acts of Publicity Week.

The young adult book blends history with the paranormal, telling the story of Anne Michaelson. Her dreams are the key to rescue the legendary Russian princess Anastasia Romanov, who has been magically imprisoned since her family’s tragic murder.

Anne gets help from Ethan Kozinsky, who might look like a very handsome 18-year-old, but that age only applied the year Anastasia went missing. Mixed up in the same magic that’s keeping her a prisoner, Ethan has been searching the world for decades to find the prophecied girl who will be able to break the curse — Anne.

The story is told in the overlapping points of view of Anne and Ethan, as well as through letters written by Anastasia. And Joy weaved in lots of other drama, such as Anne and her parents still grieving about the recent death of her older brother David.

The characters are well-developed and interesting, and the plot is a thrilling mix of magic, history and action.

A second book in the series, Haunted, was published in February. I can’t wait to read it.

Is this one your favorite books?

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