Editing is the art of molding a polishing a piece of writing so it shines. Words can introduce us to amazing people, build worlds and tell stories, and in the right order, they will stay with us forever.

I have been editing for 15 years, with experience in magazines and books. As an editor, my passion is in helping writers craft their story with the most compelling words, so it lingers with readers long after they have put down the work.

My philosophy as an editor is to point out every aspect of a writer’s work that can be improved. As such, I work a little differently from most editors, in that I don’t offer varied levels of service. I offer full service content and copyediting for one rate.

My editing service includes:

  • grammar correction
  • fixing spelling errors
  • awkward sentences and word choice
  • character development and motivation
  • tension building
  • plot structure

I believe in preserving the writer’s voice. The manuscript is your work and your vision. As with any editor, the suggestions I give are suggestions, given to help lift the work to next level. But ultimately, it’s up to you, the writer, as to which suggestions you use and which you don’t to make your manuscript the best that it can be, your vision.


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