As a writer as well as an editor, I know how much passion and work goes into every manuscript, so my goal is build on that passion and work to create writing that shines.

I am different from other editors, in that I offer only one level of service. I don’t believe in ignoring aspects that could be improved because a client has paid for a lower level of service. So, when I’m editing, I include everything I see that can make the work better. When I have ideas that could fix the problem, I offer them, but I strongly advice clients to only take my ideas if they fit the writer’s vision. First and foremost, my goal is to point out the aspects that could be improved.

I charge based on an hourly rate or a per-page rate, for clients who prefer to know the full cost before we begin.

My hourly rate is $40.

My per-page rate varies between $4.50 and $6, depending on the shape of the manuscript I am editing. I will tell you which rate I will charge after I have seen some of your pages and before I begin any editing, so you will know the full cost prior to any work being done.

Second and subsequent reads of the same pages are discounted to 20% off my regular rate.

Most important, there are lots of editors and you want to make sure you’re hiring an editor who will “get” your work. Writing is subjective, and you don’t want to hire an editor, for example, who doesn’t like horror stories if that’s what you’ve written.

To make sure you know what you’re getting when you hire me, for new clients, I edit five pages for free prior to an editing agreement. If you don’t see notes that you can work with in those five pages, feel free to move on to another editor owing me nothing.

If you’d like to start, send me an email.

And if you’d like to send me pages but aren’t sure how to format your manuscript, have a look at SCBWI’s handy tips.

One thought on “Rates

  1. Thanks for the information Samantha, I know that I will need your services. I am going cross-eyed re-reading my work. I would love to discuss your fees on editing and possible further services. Writing for the first time for the public has opened my eyes to an industry that seems to be very hard to be successful in, even if your product is successful, in it’s own right. I am ready for the final editing and polishing. I think it would be to my benefit to get that final shine by someone in the business, like yourself.

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