About Me

Samantha ClarkSo you want to know about me.

Well, I love cartoons, I’m addicted to chocolate and my day isn’t full complete if I haven’t written something — and I don’t mean my never-ending to do list.

Oh! Not what you wanted to know.

Professionally, I have been a writer and editor for 18 years, working for newspapers, magazines and websites.

As a journalist, I have written for city and community newspapers, as well as national consumer and business-to-business magazines. Among them are The Tampa Tribune, Photographic Magazine and Mustang Monthly.

For 12 years, I worked as a managing editor for magazines, including six automotive magazines and a home entertainment business magazine.

In February 2010, I co-founded DiscDish.com, a DVD and Blu-ray website that offers readers news and reviews on the upcoming mainstream titles as well as great movies they’ve probably never heard of.

I have written three novels for middle-grade readers, or whoever enjoys a fun story, and am currently writing a ghost story for older audiences.

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